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For Everyone

From retreats to overall wellness, we can cater our workshops to meet your needs.  Contact us today to book! 

Who should attend?

Mental health professionals

Educators and school staff

Community leaders and organizations

Indigenous individuals and families

Anyone interested in learning about Indigenous mental health and well-being

If you are in search of something that is not on the list please let us know and we can work on developing an offering to meet your communities needs.

Key Features


Cultural Competency:

  •  Our workshops prioritize cultural competency by inviting Indigenous elders, healers, and knowledge-keepers to share their wisdom and traditions.

  • Participants gain insights into Indigenous worldviews, spirituality, and the role of cultural practices in maintaining mental well-being.


Healing Circles:

  •  Facilitated healing circles provide a safe and supportive space for participants to share their experiences and emotions.

  • This culturally sensitive approach encourages open dialogue and the exchange of coping strategies.


Trauma-Informed Care:

  •  We emphasize a trauma-informed approach to understanding the historical and contemporary traumas faced by Indigenous communities.

  • Participants explore the ways trauma impacts mental health and discuss resilience-building techniques.


Holistic Well-being:

  •  Indigenous mental health workshops promote holistic well-being by considering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

  • Mindfulness, meditation, and traditional healing practices are integrated into the curriculum.


Resilience and Strength:

  •   These workshops celebrate the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities in the face of adversity.

  • Stories of triumph over mental health challenges inspire hope and motivation.


Empowerment and Advocacy:

  •  Participants are encouraged to become advocates for Indigenous mental health by raising awareness and promoting culturally appropriate mental health services.

  •  Workshops provide practical tools and resources for individuals and organizations to take action.


Community Building:

  •  Indigenous Mental Health Workshops foster a sense of community and solidarity among participants.

  • Networking opportunities enable individuals and organizations to collaborate on initiatives that support mental wellness.




By attending these workshops, participants not only gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by Indigenous communities but also contribute to the ongoing dialogue about mental health equity and cultural competency. These workshops are a crucial step towards building a more inclusive and compassionate society that values the mental wellness of all its members. Join us on this journey of understanding, healing, and empowerment.

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