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Healing the Healers - Self-Care and Compassion Fatigue

Let’s talk self-care for healers.

I have been in a leadership position for sometime now, overseeing multiple staff and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed is that the helpers are rarely helped. Sometimes it’s an institutional thing; sometimes it’s workplace culture, but most of the time it’s a stigma holding people back.

A stigma that says, in order to help others you need to lead a perfect life yet many of us know those who are in helping professions have lived hardship themselves, not all, but I would say a good percentage. When you’re in a position of helping others, sometimes that can take a toll on your own emotional well-being, we live in a society that tells us we must uphold this perfect image of everything is fine and you’re mentally okay. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth for many people and that’s okay. It is okay to reach out for help, it is okay to seek counselling, it is okay to need a day off and it is okay to say no!

One of the reasons I started this organization Indigenous Healing Lodge was to help the healers too. To have a space that is confidential, private and welcoming for everyone, whether you’re Indigenous an ally or someone just needing that person to talk to.

I want to be here for you as a person who has had to heal from my own struggles while helping others. I know firsthand how hard it is to reach out and say I’m not okay. Burn out and compassion fatigue are not an individual problem it is a system issue, with a community cure that is needed. Join our community and see what we can do.

This is the last place you will find judgement, what you will find is compassion, care and understanding. I’m okay with those tough conversations. I come from a place of holistic healing and I listen to you and your needs not what I think is best but what you think is best for you, and of course with my help you can get there with some guidance.

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