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Welcome to Indigenous Counselling Centre 

Healing from Anywhere 

About ICC

ICC is an Indigenous-led organization that prioritizes wellness through the integration of traditional Indigenous knowledge and Western knowledge in our programs and services. We offer a safe and supportive space for individuals and families to heal and grow. Our practitioners are trained in a variety of counselling and workshop modalities that are rooted in various perspectives and practices.

Our experienced and compassionate counsellors are deeply rooted in Indigenous traditions and incorporate traditional healing practices into their therapeutic approach. We offer individual, family, and group counseling to address a wide range of issues, including trauma, grief, addiction, and mental health concerns.
We believe in the power of cultural reconnection as a path to healing. Our workshops and group sessions provide opportunities to rediscover and embrace Indigenous traditions, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural pride.
ICC is more than just a counselling practice; it's a community of support. We are able to assist with:

SAFE home study reports; policy review; Cultural Awareness Training, Leadership Development, Community Development and more. 

Healing the healers conference will bring healers across the peace region and afar together to learn, rest and appreciate all of the work you do through-out the year. This is not just an educational event, but one where the healers in our communities are recognized, acknowledged and given a moment to just breathe.  

At ICC we believe in the power of healing through cultural connection and offer a safe and nurturing space for individuals and communities to embark on their journey toward emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Our Commitment


Our practice is founded on the principles of respect, cultural sensitivity, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges that Indigenous individuals and communities face. We are dedicated to providing culturally relevant and trauma-informed counselling services that empower individuals to heal, grow, and thrive.


Get Started on Your Healing Journey


We welcome all individuals, families, and communities seeking healing and support. To take the first step on your healing journey or to learn more about our services, please contact us today. Our dedicated team is here to walk alongside you as you navigate the path to wellness.



Thank you for considering Indigenous Counselling Centre as your partner in healing and growth. We look forward to serving you with respect, compassion, and cultural understanding.


Grande Prairie Office 

Our Story

Indigenous Counselling Centre is an Indigenous-owned business. The owner is First Nation's from the Treaty 8 territory.  This vision has been in the works for several years.  It was in the owners/Shauna's vision to create a mental health space that encompasses Indigenous ways of being within its framework and programs.  Although Indigenous Counselling Centre works from an Indigenous paradigm all people are welcome to heal from the services offered. 

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